ADHD Performance Coaching and Education-Based Therapy Services

Applied Success offers a variety of supports to individuals, families and educational systems that are faced with the challenges of ADHD and learning differences.

We also provide educational trainings, workshops and coaching to family members and professionals impacted by compassion fatigue (caregiver fatigue) and burnout.

Our Mission Applied Success Inc., serves individuals, families and school systems facing challenges related to learning differences. Through focused education, training and coaching, we assist with the identification, implementation, and integration of tools and strategies into daily life in order to empower individuals and support infinite growth.

Our Philosophy:  Applied Success Inc. honors each individual’s unique story. We provide a learning environment enriched with compassion, patience, equanimity and a heartfelt appreciation for individual differences.   We believe with such an environment, each person has the ability to tap into and maximize their potential, applying their unique formula for success, at each stage of their life.



CHADD ADHD Parent Support Group

1st Thursday of each month

7:30-9:00 PM

Panera Bread – Janss Marketplace









The Applied Success Coaching model targets adolescents, teens, and parents, that may be experiencing difficulties with executive function skills such as time management, organizational skills, motivation, creating and achieving long and short term goals, poor grades and struggles with making and maintaining friendships.


Our workshops and training include a variety of topics such as caregiver fatigue and resiliency programs, which are aimed at developing strategies to decrease stress while promoting better emotional, physical and social health.  We also have skill specific training such as writing workshops and goal development, along with educational seminars on ADHD related topics.

Education Based Therapy

School based services are offered using a web-based virtual classroom portal. These services support the students Individual Education Program (IEP) or similar mandated documents to meet the students educational needs. Our therapists provide regular therapy services, attend IEP and other team meetings as well as provide educational based assessments via the computer. In-Person assessments are available with prior arrangements.

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