Hello everyone and let me welcome you to the new website for Applied Success Inc. and to our new blog! My team and I are glad you’re here and I sincerely mean that. We have great things planned. Before I get into some of those things, I wanted to share just a little snippet about what brought me here. Have you ever been in a situation or job where you simply knew you could do better? You just knew you had more to offer but first, you had to find a way to…escape!

Well, that was me…before this. I had worked for nearly two decades as an occupational therapist in an educational system where I experienced rushed sessions, caseloads that were too large to manage and an external structure that dictated the types of services I offered and how I offered them. So in 2017, I left to start my own therapy practice. This new experience was incredibly exciting as I knew I would be in charge of creating and delivering services on my terms…on better terms. The way I was going to be delivering my services to families was not going to be the status quo. This was going to be better for the families I served.

So here we are.  A business that will focus on truly making a difference. If you are a parent of a child that has ADHD and you feel like you are losing your mind, rest assured you haven’t. Performance Coaching for parents who have a child with a learning difference will be a primary service we offer here at Applied Success Inc.. We can provide you with strategies that will allow you to be you again. Strategies that will help you to reduce or eliminate the stresses that have presented themselves in your home.  In a school setting we will be providing Education Based Therapy for students who have a learning difference.  Our goal is to develop, assist or help to modify their IEP to best serve the student’s needs.  For caregivers, we will be holding workshops and trainings to offer effective strategies designed to assist.

You see, not only do I understand it by making it my life’s work, but it also my passion…I live it. My son has ADHD. If you’ve been there, so have I and I bring that to the families I serve.

So stay tuned and please check back often as we will be providing useful tips through this blog in the hopes of helping you through any challenges you might be facing.

Together….we’ve got this!




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