Performance Coaching-Specializing in
ADHD and learning differences

Applied Success Coaching Services

Applied Success Coaching model offers support to individuals and families that may be experiencing difficulties in the areas:

  • time management
  • organizational skills
  • motivation
  • goal setting and follow through
  • relationship building and more…. 


Applied Success Coaching works with:

  • Individuals diagnosed with ADHD 
  • Underperforming students (poor grades and/or lacking motivation)
  • Students with learning differences (with and without IEPs)
  • Parents and family caregivers of children and adolescents with ADHD and executive function deficits
  • Professionals that are experiencing compassion fatigue and or burnout symptoms

Using the GOALS structure will help ensure the effectiveness of our Coaching Platform.


We work with each individual or parent, caregiver, and family to set realistic and attainable goals.  We assist you to help identify problem areas and offer suggestions to minimize those areas.  We help you to break those goals down into manageable tasks that will ultimately help you reach the goals.


Perhaps there is anxiety, scheduling conflicts or other barriers that are creating obstacles to reaching your goals.  We help you to develop tools and strategies aimed at reducing or eliminating those obstacles and keep you on track.


As we move through this process it is important to figure out what is working and what is not working.  It is through that assessment that we can begin modify behaviors in order to produce a more positive result while continuing to build on the positive progress being made in other areas.


Coaching is designed to help you to live better despite the daily challenges you may face.   The coach may act as an accountability partner in daily life, through phone calls, texts or video conferencing, several times a week over the course of 3-month blocks.  Over time the accountability is faded to foster self-reliance and ultimately, independence and for the client


Utilizing the tools and strategies that we collaborate on with each and every client until they reach the point where they have internalized these tools and using them becomes second nature. This allows you to better care for your relationships that help us to feel connected with our support network and will lead to living a happy, healthy and balanced life.

What does an Applied Success Coach Do?

We are professionals that use the Applied Success Coaching Models to offer support to our clients through education, encouragement, and accountability.

Our Coaching Programs

Applied Success Coaching Caregiver Fatigue Program

We offer support to medical professionals, school staff, support staff caring for individuals with special needs, and family members.  This program explores the journey of emotional exhaustion that can occur from caring for others in need.  The focus is on self-awareness and the experience of resiliency.  This coaching program is structured and will move through 7 modules sequentially in order to reclaim your energy, enthusiasm and ability to enjoy life again.

Applied Success Coaching ADHD Program

We support families, adolescents, teens and young adults that are struggling with school performance, home life or social situations, due to ADHD symptoms.  We assist our clients by helping them to identify and develop individual and realistic goals.  We work with our clients to experiment with various strategies to improve relationship skills, time management, organizational skills, task initiation, task follow-through, motivation, focus, and concentration.  When appropriate we integrate tools and programs designed to address self-regulation skills, with an emphasis on emotional regulation and sensory processing.  Embedded in this process of growth, is an undercurrent of self-awareness.

In the Community for the Community!

Applied Success Coaching™ offers community services through educational workshops on the topics of Compassion Fatigue, Resiliency, the ADHD brain, Sensory Processing, School Tools for Success -ADHD, and many others.  We also co-facilitate a monthly ADHD parent support group, to provide education and parent to parent support in the Thousand Oaks, CA community.

What’s Next?

Schedule a FREE 30-minute Consultation


1 Hour/week for 12 weeks (in-office or video conferencing)


1 weekly 15-minute accountability call/text




1 Hour/2x monthly for 3 months (in-office or video conferencing)


1 weekly 15min accountability call/text




1 Hour/1x monthly for 3 months (in-office or video conferencing) 


1 Weekly 15min accountability call/text




Hourly rate (in-office or video conferencing)

As needed to answer questions, collaborate with school, or other professionals, etc.



Session  Pricing:
$1400 in full  $475 monthly


Session  Pricing:
$800 in full  $275 monthly


Session  Pricing:
$400 in full  $150 monthly


Session  Pricing:
$125 Hourly


Your Service Payment
Other Amount:
Your Service Payment
Other Amount:
Your Service Payment
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Your Service Payment
Other Amount:

What you get for your money:


• Individual coaching sessions with a knowledgeable professional
• Action Plan Summary emailed after each coaching meeting
• Access to education and resources in areas you are struggling with
• Supportive guidance to integrate positive changes into your daily life
• An accountability partner to help you to stay on track
• Someone that believes in your ability to sustain lasting changes in your life

**Coaching is NOT mental health therapy. If at any time there is an indication that the client may benefit from the support of a mental health professional, the ASC Coach will make a recommendation for such.

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